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Project Element boy is an action platformer game that has a character named "boy" , discovering the power to control different elements after the destruction of his home , a part of a bigger scheme of world destruction by "Evil Avatar". "Boy" then sets on an adventure to find out what actually happened , the story of the "Evil Avatar" , and stop his plan.

Developed by 4 Students from Binus University

In Development - Coming Soon

The lore of Boy and Evil Avatar :
The olds foretold in their book that the world will someday be covered in shadows . Stood by it , an evil presence , greater than any evil , the 'Evil Avatar' . He rose from the depths of the deepest realm to take over and shape the world as it sees fit , a world full of pain and destruction . Achieving this , it divides the world into regions , each guided by its minions , the deity , the machineer , the sentry , and the golem . The world reigned by terror .
In the midst of desperation , a human shall rise and have the bravery to fight . Unto him , bestowed the power by the great being to control the elements around him . With the bravery and his power , he is destined to defeat the 'Evil Avatar' and free the world from it . Or so the legend say about the hero....

Evil Avatar :
An evil being with the presence greater from any evil that ever crept the world . From the deepest realm , it has come out and is trying to reign over the world under its evil reign . Depicted as a purple-ish black shadow , it is said that nobody has ever seen its true form , as it is always seen as one with the shadow that looms when he first appeared , but it is also said that "it shall be seen as the depiction of the strongest being in the world , but with a purple- blackish form' . 

Boy :
The only sole survivor from the destruction of his homeland . Following the event , he wandered of , finding a safe place to hide and live , but in the middle of his retreat , he receives the blessing of the greater being in his dream , and the prophecy that Boy shall go through , defeating 'Evil Avatar' . Through this , he received the power to control the elements around him as his weapon . Along with this power , he went on a journey to fulfill the prophecy and free the world from the 'Evil Avatar' . The journey of a Hero is about to begin .


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