Weekly Update #7 Some Minor Changes

HI GUYS, back again with us, the developers.  So in this update, we're gonna have some minor changes compare to the last update, and by the way the apps will be late 1 day to update, so for now i will post the changes only. 

Basic character actions :
Hey , it's the number puncher section ! Since our game is coming into fruition , we will further explain about the basic actions of our character when playing the game

Movements :
For our basic movements , which is the arsenal to manauver through the danger , we have the move left and right button and then the jump button . Will be added to the polished version is probably dash , but we are still discusing wether this will pass or not .

Attacks :
Then , we have attacks , which will be divided to "basic" and "elemental" attacks 

1.Basic :
For our basic attack , boi will use his sword to cut through . He has his 4 sword ground combo . In the air , he will be able to give a 3 hit combo or will be able to do a ground pound-ish like attack , lunging to the ground . (Coming SOON)

2. Elementals :
For elements , we just applied basic attacks for the prototype . For the polished version , we give each element a basic attack and "extra wield" , which is an elemental spesific skill . While basic attacks are basic like their name , extra wields needs cooldown on next use , but usually they are strong enough to match the drawback . Here are the details :

1. Earth
Basic attack : Pebble Burst ( gives a burst of pebble each time the attack is used )

Extra wield : Earth shield ( summons a group of rocks to create a shield protecting you from attacks until it breaks ) (Coming SOON)

Basic attack : Charged Lightning ( player charges lightning in their hand for some time , and releases a stream of lightning . The longer they charge , the more damage is dealt )

Just Ordinary Lightning

1st Stage Charged Lightning


Extra Wield : Thunder Blink ( With the power of thunder , boi can dodge quickly by teleporting using the power of thunder )(Coming SOON)

3. Water
Basic attack : Jet Stream ( A highly preassurized water will be produced continuously while button is held , and will keep doing damage when it hits , just like a stream )

Extra Wield : Nurturing Water ( with the power of water , restore a portion of boi's health ) (Coming SOON)

Basic attack : Fireball ( a classic fireball , simple yet devastating )

Extra Wield : Fiery Rage ( using the destructive aura of fire , imbue yourself with the fire's rage to increase your attack , and agility for a limited time ) (Coming SOON)

Numbers are not punched in yet , but we are working and trying different combinations of numbers . It will soon be updated !!

Also , we added a character upgrade in the form of  "sigil" . (Coming SOON)
What are sigils ? They are an ancient knowledge , mastered by the gods , which is acquired by boi to be able to enchance his skills . Boi will be able to equip these sigils ( we are planning to have 5-7 slots of sigils per play ) , and gain benefits ! Some sigils are unlocked easily , some with restrictions .
We seperated them into 5 , which is neutral , and each for the elements . Basic will cover general related improvement , while the elements will cover some general , some element related improvement . Although it is still in thought , we have brainstormed a couple , but have not decided on . Again , we will work on it and we will update it .

Anyway that's it for the changes and see you in the next updates.

Feel free to comment and support this game by donate to us, Thankyou

*All of the Sprites and Assets are still temporary. 

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