Hey Guys, Its been a few weeks since the last devlog, many circumstances up and we are unable to post it regularly, but it is here anyway, this is the Elemental Boi Game you guys are waiting for.. Although it was only part 1 of the game, but we make it with our hearts, although there's still many bugs occured, so in this update we would like to say sorry for the imperfect games, so in this updates we added new assets. Before that i would like to announce that :

1. In this game, if you died before reaches first checkpoint, it will go back to the first cutscene, 

2. Many Soundeffects didn't play correctly

3. And if you died, you can still move around as it is still alive.

But the good news is now we have a proper character of Boi looks like this :


And we added some animations, "you can check the game, we won't spoil it" and now you can fight the boss and finally reach the ending.

All the problem are still under fixing so maybe next week we will fixing all this things.. but yeah this is the update, you can download it at homepage and enjoy!!

*p.s this is development build so yeah.. you can see if there is error or not, comment to us what bug/ error did you, we will try to fix it on the next update.. Stay Tunee!


ElementalBoi Ver. 0.0.1.rar 14 MB
Jan 16, 2018

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