Weekly Update #9 Important News

Hi guys, its been a while, sorry if we are late updating.. So in this update, we're gonna announce some important news.

First of all, in this update, we're gonna announce the change in water element, just fix some problem, here is the preview :

 This is the old one

And here is the new one :

As you may notice, in the old one, when we are not moving, the water just stuck in there not moving at all. But in the new one, the water element is perfect. Exactly as we want it to be.

Second,  in this update, and in the next few weeks, we will not update the gameplay. Instead, we wil updates some mechanic changes. As you may know, our game designers still working on the game mechanics and  our sprite and stuff are not ready.  

We hope that you can understand, Thank you.

So, that is for this week devlog, we will see you in the next week and have  a nice day.

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