Weekly Update #5

Hello guys, we have been having great progress for this week, so on this weekly update we are gonna show you all:

  • More Concept Art
  • Walking And Jumping Progress
  • Main Menu

First off let's start with our concept art, we have 2 new monster concept art for this week,

Look at this shoes it is so beau....... HOLY MOLY IT'S A SLIME

So yeah first off we got slime which we will use as our monster in one of our level, well it looks kinda cute though you can say, but yeah let's move to our next concept art,

Moley the ground digger!

Our next concept art is Moley, this cute little mole is of course, our monster who will try to use his power to kill the player, With that said let's move on to the next topic "Walking & Jumping"

We have been starting our progress with the script for walking & jumping ever since last week, but of course last week our script wasn't done yet, it's a bit of shame that we can't post it last week, but don't be sad as of this week we have finish it!


Our programmer have been working hard this week to try to make the walking and jumping function work and have manage to make it work, but the function still have quite big bug,

Ehhhhhh what?!

As you all can see the movement of our character is bugging because of our camera making our character to move back to the center of our camera, this bug is very gamebreaking and our programmer will try to fix this as soon as possible, and so after this we wil talk about our main menu.

Well as you can see it is still very simple, but the main menu is working we have added the quit button which already work, and the settings button will open the settings menu too,

For the future we will add the load game/ continue button to the main menu, of course later on we will make our main menu more cool and beautiful.

So that's all for this  weekly update, we will try to fix the bug for the walking and jump by next week update, and of course more concept art of our monster, so see you all next week!

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